Indian Spring Hosiery
Why didn’t somebody think of THIS sooner? If you work with your hands, you know how tough it is to protect your clothing and your skin from harsh work environments. Our Protective Arm Sleeves are the answer!
  • Slips over clothing or bare arm
  • Elastic Cuffs on both ends for snug fit
  • Guards against grease and other stains
  • Protection from bruises, scrapes and minor scratches
  • Cotton knit for comfort, terry weave inside
  • Extra warmth in cold weather
  • Washable, but priced low enough to be disposable, too!
  • Variety of colors and styles
Who Could Use These Arm Sleeves?

  • Mechanics  •  Health Care Workers  •  Farmers  •  Gardeners
  • Construction Workers  •  Electricians  •  Plumbers  •  Outdoor Workers of all kinds
  • People with Thin Skin, or who Bruise Easily 
Offered in Case Lots Only (100 pieces)
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Here's a clever idea that gun owners have asked for...a way to protect your firearms from dust, moisture, and fingerprints. Closed on one end, with a stretchable cuff on the other. 
Our Protective Arm Sleeves are also available in heat resistant KEVLAR! Perfect for those who work in hot environments, like automotive engine repair, or cooks. Also cut resistant.