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Indian Spring Hosiery produces cotton knit gloves that can be marketed and used for a variety of common tasks. These lightweight work gloves are perfect for gardeners and household chores. Heavy weight gloves are ideal for mechanics, brick masons -- anybody who works with their hands. Cotton gloves are ambidextrous and washable.
Gloves are sold in case lots only. Minimum lot is 5-dozen pair. A variety of colors and yarn weights are available. If you have packaging needs, we can also help with that. 
Our KEVLAR® Gloves are the smart answer when you’re working around heat, or handling objects with a sharp edge. Famous Kevlar fabric is lightweight, cool, and protective. 
Indian Spring Hosiery is proud to be one of the few mills
in the country that knit Kevlar work gloves.
• HEAT RESISTANT - use as liners under heavier work gloves.
• CUT RESISTANT - for protection from sharp edges
• AMBIDEXTROUS - one size fits all

Just think of the uses for these amazing gloves!

• Firefighters - use as protective liners
• Metal Workers - use as work gloves
• Cooks - handle hot pans, pots, or oven utensils
• Construction Workers - perfect for the work site
• Homeowners - extra protection for jobs around the house
• Electricians  •  Plumbers  •  Mechanics
Kevlar Gloves are sold in minimum
case lots of 15-Dozen pair. 
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Available in a variety of vibrant colors. Keep your arms warm and protected while working on tasks, or outside in cool weather. 
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